The History and Meaning of the Gemstone- Ruby


The Gemstone, Ruby, which name is derived from the Latin word for red, Rubrum, has been written and spoken of for centuries. You can find this beautiful gemstone mentioned in the Book of Job, written in the Prophet Isaiah’s book of prophecy, and in the Proverbs, The Bible. The Ruby has carried a higher royal meaning as it was used in the breast plate of a highest priest. You can also find the Ruby discussed in various historic eastern cultures, as it was thought to shield and protect warriors.  It has also been believed in Asian mythology that if a ruby lost its color and brilliance, there was danger on the horizon.

One of the most beautiful pieces which houses multiple Deep Red Rubies, is on the crown of Charles IV of Luxembourg from the 1300s, this crown included 250 karats of beautiful Ruby stones.  Another famous Ruby can be found at The Smithsonian, which holds a 137 carat cabochon star ruby. 

In some auction houses throughout the world, Rubies, in the rarest of occasions, have actually bid higher than the Diamonds. The most Expensive Ruby Ever Sold: is a  8.62-carat cushion-cut ‘pigeon’s-blood red’ unheated Burmese stone: $3,637,480 ($425,000 per carat). Purchased by Laurence Graff at Christie’s.  Set in a Bulgari rectangular-shaped diamond bombé mount ring. (2006, Geneva)

The Ruby’s Meaning…

Lore: Ruby is said to have the ability to promote courage, passion and protection in those who wear it.  Rubies are also said to promote generosity, creativity, spirituality, wisdom and prosperity. Red is known as the “Passion” color, which is why some brides and grooms choose Rubies as their choice for engagement or wedding rings. Fergie, Dutchess of York, was given a Ruby Engagement ring from Prince Andrew. 

Healing: The Ruby has also been known to encourage cheerfulness and enhances intuition; bring to one’s life restoration and survival.  For centuries, the Ruby was thought to be a healing stone, which would reduce fevers, cure aches and pains and improve circulation. There’s a belief that this stone can influence the heart chakra, leading to a longer life overall to it’s wearer. 

Birthstone: It is also the birthstone of July and a traditional crystal for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

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