Wedding Planners Tell All-


From breaking up with the groom to renting flowers for the wedding, you won’t believe some of the wild and crazy things these wedding planners have been asked to do by their clients.

Two for the Price of One
“A father of the bride ask if he and his wife (the mother of the bride) could go ahead and renew their vowsduring the wedding ceremony before the daughter walked down the aisle. His excuse? Well, the wedding was already costing him so much he figured why not get more bang for his buck. I put a stop to that request real quick.” — a Texas-based planner

Don’t Kill the Messenger …
“I had a bride ask me to tell her spouse that she didn’t want to get married anymore! Then they both wanted me to cancel everything with the vendors. It was a hot mess!” — an Ohio-based planner

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To the Moon And Back
“A bride and groom requested an outer space-themed wedding complete with a wedding cake that featured revolving planets. Ultimately, I was able to talk the bride into a four-tiered cake with a hand-painted depiction of Van Gogh’s Starry Night instead — a true win-win for everyone, especially the mother of the bride.” — a Florida-based planner

Flowers for Rent
“One client inquired about renting her wedding flowers. Because, after all, what would she do with them the next day?” — a New York-based planner


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