Haul: A Trip to the Target Dollar Section.


Beaus and Bows

Dollar Section Goodies

PostcardsPotsStickiesHey bow friends!~

One of my favorite things to do is storm the dollar section at Target.  Most times, a lot of the products in there are a little junky or a little useless, but every once in a while there are some awesome hidden gems.  Plus, my budget for things has shrunken greatly since I’ve moved into my own apartment.  Pretending to be a real adult is hard.  And expensive.

So what’d I find on this trip?  My favorite thing to grab from this section is stationary.  If you’ve ever won one of my giveaways or bought anything from my poshmark shop, you have probably received an awesome Target dollar section thank you card.  This time around I found these adorable postcards that I think they might take a little trip to some friends I miss.  I also found some b&b colored alphabet stickers that are really cute.


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