Should Guys Wear Engagement Rings…

Food for thought! #myfauxdiamond

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It was an article in Cosmo this morning about a girl who got engaged to a good “ole southern” Texas boy.

When she got the ring, she talked to him about what it symbolize and that it was she was his and going to be his forever and she wanted the same with him.

He was apprehensive at first but he did and they were engaged for 2 1/2 years and lived happily ever after.

PK is NOT on board with this because he said it’s about money. If she spends as much on the ring for him that he spends on her…then he’s all about it.

Sarah Pepper loves the idea! Because I know a ring won’t prevent you from cheating, nor should it, your soul should but I love the symbolism. I think it’s sweet 🙂

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