The Asscher Cut Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard!

From Charles & Colvard:

Asscher cuts were first developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, and became most popular during the Art-Deco movement following World War I. This historical 58-facet design mimics the emerald cut, but offers increased sparkle with its unique octagonal shape.

New moissanite Asscher cuts feature 65 facets to accompany this gems’ double refractive crystalline structure, offering more than twice the brilliance and fire of diamonds.

If you are interested in an Asscher cut gem, keep in mind you will want the highest clarity available since an Asscher cut has a large table and is step-cut. This type of cut creates a hypnotic mirrored pattern to showcase the clarity of the stone.

Forever One™ moissanite presents an ideal gem choice to enjoy the look of the Asscher cut, offering excellent clarity – each stone visually flawless to the naked eye.

Asscher cuts symbolize a history of wealth and royalty, from the famous Krupp Diamond worn by Elizabeth Taylor, to the Cullinan Diamond created for the Crown Jewels.

Modern Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow have brought the Asscher cut back into the spotlight in recent years, donning the look for their engagement rings.

Asscher cut moissanite makes its debut just in time for jewelry designers to stay on top of the latest styles, as Art Deco inspiration comes back in today’s top fashion and jewelry trends.


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