The Truth About Genuine Diamond Coated Gems or Fake Stones

Can a stone be coated with a diamond veneer? Does this veneer make a better looking cubic zirconia or faux diamond?

There are many misconceptions regarding various stones that are coated with a veneer from a genuine diamond.  In order to set the story straight, the International School of Gemology studied these stones.  Here is their report, and needless to say, we are not surprised!

Diamond Coated Gemstones?


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Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Vintage Inspired Round Eternity Band-White and Rose 14 Karat Gold

Round Eternity Band White and Rose Gold
Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Vintage Inspired Round Eternity Band White and Rose Gold
Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Vintage Inspired Round Eternity Band White Gold
Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Vintage Inspired Round Eternity Band White Gold

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Elegantly crafted this lovely eternity ring features sparkling, round cut Forever Brilliant gemstones framed by a gleaming oval shape frame that are set in a linear pattern in an glamorous, open shank. This dazzling design features 14 stones measuring (2) 1.1mm, (4) 1.2mm, (4) 1.5mm, (4) 1.6mm and is available in your choice of yellow, white or rose gold or two-toned gold!

 This ring is sure to become a heirloom she will treasure for a lifetime. 
 All Forever Brilliant moissanite stones ship with a certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty card issued by Charles & Colvard

The Asscher Cut Forever One Moissanite by Charles & Colvard!

From Charles & Colvard:

Asscher cuts were first developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, and became most popular during the Art-Deco movement following World War I. This historical 58-facet design mimics the emerald cut, but offers increased sparkle with its unique octagonal shape.

New moissanite Asscher cuts feature 65 facets to accompany this gems’ double refractive crystalline structure, offering more than twice the brilliance and fire of diamonds.

If you are interested in an Asscher cut gem, keep in mind you will want the highest clarity available since an Asscher cut has a large table and is step-cut. This type of cut creates a hypnotic mirrored pattern to showcase the clarity of the stone.

Forever One™ moissanite presents an ideal gem choice to enjoy the look of the Asscher cut, offering excellent clarity – each stone visually flawless to the naked eye.

Asscher cuts symbolize a history of wealth and royalty, from the famous Krupp Diamond worn by Elizabeth Taylor, to the Cullinan Diamond created for the Crown Jewels.

Modern Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow have brought the Asscher cut back into the spotlight in recent years, donning the look for their engagement rings.

Asscher cut moissanite makes its debut just in time for jewelry designers to stay on top of the latest styles, as Art Deco inspiration comes back in today’s top fashion and jewelry trends.

The Difference Between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia

What is the difference between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia?

This question we hear often.  It is true that both moissanite and cubic zirconia are imitation diamonds which are man made.  Other than this, the difference between these stones far outweighs their similarities.

First, we should discuss the difference in the make-up or the composition of each stone.  Moissanite is silicon carbide, a compound with chemical formula SiC. On the other hand, cubic zirconia is zirconium dioxide, ZrO2. Moissanite is composed out of silicon and carbon, whereas CZ in its crystal lattice contains zirconium and oxygen. Diamond is pure carbon. If you compare both of them to diamond, moissanite comes much closer.

Which stone is brighter or has more fire and ice? Due to the structure of a moissanite stone it is naturally doubly refractive, which increases the amount of light dispersion from the stone, making it a brighter stone then both the diamond and a cubic zirconia.

The color of the stones is significantly different. Cubic zirconia is a perfect, flawless and pure white stone.  This is another clear way to distinguish the difference between CZ and moissanite.  Due to the complicated process of production, moissanite stones are neither perfectly white and transparent, nor flawless. They often possess slight greenish or even yellowish hues, along with some imperfections in the structure. For this very reason, moissanite stones are that much closer to a genuine diamond vs. a cubic zirconia.

What is the difference in the stone’s durability or hardness? Even though all three stones, moissanite, diamonds, and cubic zirconia, are relatively hard, that does not mean they are unbreakable. The hardest and most durable is of course the diamond with the maximum possible hardness of 10 on the corresponding scale. Moissanite is dangerously close with 9.2, and the least hard of them is CZ with 8-8.5.

Finally, there is a significant difference in the cost between these stones.  As you know, cubic zirconia costs significantly less than both moissanite and diamonds.  If you are looking for beautiful jewelry but want to stay in budget both the CZ and a moissanite may be a better option over a diamond.  The 5A rated cubic zirconia (highest quality) costs approximately $100 per carat.  A moissanite stone is approximately 10% of the cost of an equivalent diamond of the same carat weight.  Moissanite stones have maintained their value over the past 20 years and would most likely make a better investment over a cubic zirconia. IMG_0818